HTLR: Bayesian Logistic Regression with Heavy-Tailed Priors


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HTLR performs classification and feature selection by fitting Bayesian multinomial logistic regression models based on heavy-tailed (hyper-LASSO, non-convex) priors with small degree freedom. The software is suitable for classification with high-dimensional features, such as gene expression profiles. With small scale, heavy-tailed priors can impose stronger shrinkage to the coefficients associated with a large number of useless features than Gaussian and Laplace priors do, but still allow coefficients of a small number of useful features to stand out with little punishment. Heavy-tailed priors can also automatically make selection within a large number of correlated features. The posterior of coefficients and hyper-parameters is sampled with restricted Gibbs sampling for leveraging the high-dimensionality and Hamiltonian Monte Carlo for handling the high-correlations among coefficients. The core computation in this software is carried out with fast C++ code.

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The methods used in this software are discussed in details in the following papers:

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