HTLR 0.4-3 2020-09-09

New Features

  • Added option for users to keep samples of warmup iterations.


  • Bug fix [#7].

HTLR 0.4-2 2020-01-17

New Features

  • Added new function std() for feature standardization.

  • Added new dataset diabetes392.



  • Changed package license from GPLv2 to GPLv3.

HTLR 0.4-1 2019-10-08

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed potential memory leak issue in ARS module.

HTLR 0.4 2019-10-06

New Features

  • This is the first released version of revamped HTLR.

  • The Gibbs sampling routine is completely refactored using RcppArmadillo, which leads to a significant performance gain on multi-core/distributed machines.

  • The fitted model object is registered to S3 class htlrfit, coming with a set of useful S3 methods print(), summary(), predict(), as.matrix(), and nobs().

  • New model fitting function htlr() has a more accessible interface, while htlr_fit() and htlr_predict() are still keeped for the best possible backward compatibility.

  • Better cohesion with bayesplot and other packages of RStan toolchain.

  • Added new dataset colon.

HTLR 0.3 Unreleased


  • This is HTLR originally created by Longhai Li with legacy version number 3.1-1.

  • Not compatible with macOS.